Grounds Maintenance and Weed Control

Patios & Paving

Beautifully laid paving will add instant charm and character to any grounds.

At Bay Landscapes we pride ourselves in giving our clients the best choice. All our paving is bespoke and it is important that they take into consideration all the practicalities of good paving an patio areas such as aspect, drainage issues, ease of access and size. 

There are a great deal of issues to deal with when paving, such as the lay of the land, where it is to be positioned and does the patio need to be raised or dug out; this is when it may be worthwhile adding a little extra with some stylish decorative walling.

Drainage is also an issue; if you are having a large area paved where there was once an area of lawn, then it stands to reason that rainfall no longer has that soil to soak into. The rainwater has to be channelled away so extra drainage systems may have to be installed.

With such a huge range of concrete and natural stone slabs available we can help you decide which colour and size of slab would best suit your grounds. From single size square slabs to multi sized project packs; all available in either factory made concrete or cut from natural sandstone, limestone or granite.